Car Seats Reviews

Oct 09

Graco Car Seats

Are you considering a car seat for your dear baby? If you are currently in confused about which brand need to go for, we would recommend you to at least take a look at Graco car seats.

As you know, Graco is one of the manufacturer of various baby products. And they are selling anything from thermometers and monitors for young kids to to sophisticated car seats, highchairs and children playards. The thing that interests asked the most, of course, are the car seats.

Now, as for which exact model of Graco car seats to go for it all depends on what you are looking for. There are many types of car seats, including normal infant car seat, booster seats, convertible car seats and combo car seats, and each of them have certain advantages and disadvantages to them.

If you want to take an infant car seat, you should take a look at Graco Snugride series. The series of Graco car seats include several models each having their own weight restriction limits. For example, Snugride 35 is an infant car seat for any infants under 35 lbs., and Snugride 22 is an infant car seat for infants under 22 lbs.. You need to investigate the pros and cons of each model carefully because it is true that, while on the one hand, the higher weight restriction the longer the car seat will serve you, but on the other hand, the higher the weight restriction of car seat the heavier it is going to be.

If you are a type of person who likes products that work long-term and hate the idea of buying new baby products every new year or so, consider getting one of the combination Graco car seats from the Nautilus series. Graco Nautilus 3-in-1, just like you would guess from the name alone, can be used for babies of various weight and age. The product description claims that Graco Nautilus is usable forward facing for babies from 20 to 65 pounds, and you can later turn it into a booster seat for babies up to 100 pounds.

If you just want a booster seat, take a look at Graco HighBack TurboBooster car seat. It is a very cheap booster seat, sold for under $50 or so, and the weight limit is 30-100 pounds. Not only it is a very affordable booster seat, but it is also extremely comfortable, very easy to install and extremely reliable.

Lastly, you may consider taking a look at Graco strollers, too - with them you can easily take your car seat out of the vehicle of yours whenever you want to, plug it into the stroller framework and use this new combo like a regular stroller. No need to waste time with the straps and locks as you don’t have to actually take your baby out of the car seat.

An Overview Of Safety First Car Seats

Well, Safety First car seats are definitely car seats of great balance between quality and price, and the company is a big player in the industry. A lot of technicians, those people who give advices to other folks regarding how to install/use car seats and which ones to buy, recommend Safety 1st seats along with Chicco Keyfit and Graco Snugride for those parents who are looking for infant seats.

The company positions themselves as the makers of “innovative baby products”, and the range of their products include not only car seats and booster seats, but also many other types of baby products, like monitors, replacement parts, bathtubs, etc.. With that said, our focus is on baby car seats, so let’s get right into it now - you need to first determine the type of car seats you want to get for your baby, of course.

Safety First Onboard 35 is the model you want to purchase if you are looking for good infant car seats. It is extremely comfortable and durable, very easy to install - a nice surprise given how low the price is for this car seat. (Safety First products are known for having very affordable prices - not something one can say about Britax car seats, for example, although the latter are extremely popular - that’s the power of marketing for you!)

While it is true that every car seat (well, nearly every - some are still in stores, but have been recalled, for example) that you see in stores have passed the govermental safety standards, it doesn’t hurt sometimes to opt for items with extra safety features - Onboard 35 Air, for example. This model does cost 50 bucks or so more than the normal Onboard 35, but that is what you pay for these extra features. If you really care about the safety of your child, though, and do recognize the importance of having extra Air protection to minimize the risks of head and neck injuries, you won’t mind paying the extra price.

Summit High model is great for those parents looking for an affordable booster seat for their children. It has great fabric, should belt guides and the usual 5-harness system. On to of that, the car seat boasts the innovative Side Impact Protection - this will drastically minimize the risks of injury in case of side collisions. As for the weight restriction, Summit High is for babies between 20 and 100 pounds.

These were just one of the most popular Safety First car seat models, and you may want to shop around as you may stumble on something else that will totally rock your boat, so to speak. Don’t be that concerned with the brand name, although it is clear that we were a bit biased towards Safety First in this article, - most car seats on the market are good, and in the end it all comes down to choosing a car seat that just fits your personal preferences.